Monday, July 25, 2005

Ordinary Miracles

XM radio Broadway played this song the other day and it really touched my old heart. I believe Maureen McGovern sang the version I heard so it was touching and inspiring and not at all grand sweeping vocal stage stealing (love you Babs). I'm thinking of using this for the soundtrack to a powerpoint or other video montage of Max's first thirteen years. It's a wonderful song. I wish I had a link so you could listen to it, but I haven't found one that's complete or tender.

Change can come on tiptoe,
Love is where it starts,
It resides, often hides
Deep within our hearts
And just asPebbles make a mountain,
Raindrops make a sea,
One day at a time
Change begins with you and me,
Ordinary miraclesHappen all around,
Just by giving and receiving
Comes belonging and believing,
Every sun that rises
Never rose before,
Each new day leads the way
Through a different door,
And we can all be quiet heroes
Living quiet days,
Walking through the world
Changing it in quiet ways,
Ordinary miracles
Like candles in the dark,
Each and every one of us
Lights a spark,
And the walls can tumble
And the mountains can move,
The winds and the tide can turn,
Yes, ordinary miracles
One for every star,
No lightning bolt or clap or thunder
Only joy and quiet wonder,
Endless possibilities
Right before our eyes,
Oh, see the way a miracle multiplies,
Now hope can spring eternally
Plant it and it grows,
Love is all that's necessary
Love, in its extraordinary way,
Makes ordinary miracles
Every blessed day.


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