Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Any votes for Max's new hairstyle?

Just remember that Max's long locks will be gone (probably) by the weekend of the bar mitzvah. I've been talking to him about it for months. He's said he wants to keep it long, but yesterday announced quietly that he thought he might like it short "like William's"! Ginger and I both shot our eyebrows to the ceiling, but kept our mouths shut. Then said "Well!" and let it go. At this point in the proceedings Max is thinking he might like a quiet cut at my hair stylist (Scott at Hi Gorgeous) and the close family (I'm saying add large bottle of chilled champagne) for the transformation. If Ginger's a real trooper she'll agree to an actual hair style on the same visit, but who knows. You know how hard SHE is to cajole into something. I'm slightly worried that after the hair cut, we'll kind of not recognize him. I know I've gotten my hair chopped off a time or two and had that odd experience of walking past a mirror and thinking "who IS that?" So it's probably best that he get this done a week before the big weekend so we can at least have time to adjust, that leaves all you guests in a fix though doesn't it! I suspect I could be persuaded to post a before and after picture on this blog so you could prepare yourselves :)


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