Monday, June 27, 2005

Invitation hell

I will just toss out there that I have no right to complain. I have 2 healthy children and a good marriage. I have my own laptop, but I have been sorely tempted to toss it out the sunroom window during the last 2 days. How in the hell did it get so difficult to create an invitation? I made 4 different invitations months ago. We voted and Max picked his favorite. I was too busy patting myself on the back to think about printing them. We tried taking my laptop to Ginger's office and printing them on the laser printer (as the Avery half-fold card box says to do), but noooo couldn't do that. Not able to be a part of the network, blah blah. So I'm at home, crossing my fingers and doing a test print. The invitations worked great. The RSVP card didn't work! All those hours shot. So back to the drawing board and this time I had the postcards in hand complete with formatting instructions. Which didn't work! After 2 more hours I "did it my way" (Can you hear Frank Sinatra singing in the background?) and did a test print. It worked more or less so today I've been printing. We ran out of ink, who else saw that coming. It ran out with only 8 invitations to go! So tomorrow I'm off to Office Max to give them more of my money and I'm asking myself if I'll go to a printers, like Kinko's, with Williams bar mitzvah or if I'll do it all over again all by myself. I'm on my 2nd margarita though. One before (all I could think was all the money I'd blow if I ruined the printing, the invitations were not cheap) and one after. What's a mother to do? Oh and the real topper is at dinner I asked Max is he was ready for his Bar Mitzvah. Without skipping more than a second he said "No". WHAT??????????? Six weeks and 3 days to go.


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